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Circa Design Company, Inc.
Circa Design Company provides design services, marketing services and technology services to maximize productivity and minimize cost. Delivering solutions that create opportunities for its clients.

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Design Services, Marketing Services and Technology Services.
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Circa Design Company:

Utilizes compelling designs to distinguish your identity, improve usability, and increase brand recognition.
Maximizes productivity and minimizes cost through the intelligent use of technology and software development.
Differentiates your company and builds demand for your services among your target markets through marketing methods.

Circa Design Company - Design Services

Brand recognition is a critical success factor that is often overlooked by companies of all sizes. Circa Design Company can assist you in developing a successful, cost-effective branding strategy. We offer an integrated portfolio of design services including:


Web Site Design
Printed Materials
Domain Name 

Brochures / Advertising
Business Systems
Trade Show Materials
Web Hosting
Corporate E-Mail

Contact us today for a free consultation. Circa Design Company can demonstrate for you how compelling design will:

  • build company recognition/brand awareness
  • grab the attention of your customers
  • deliver a consistent message
  • distinguish your marketing message from the crowd,
  • further promote the image of your company or product,
  • and boost your bottom line by generating more sales.

Circa Design Company - Marketing Services

Circa Design Company can deliver a strategic vision to help you plan both short and long term marketing strategies. We ensure the success of your project because our vision will include options that others would not consider that are complemented by our understanding of your industry and its marketplace. Differentiating your company and building demand for your services among your target markets.

Circa Design Company creates opportunities for its clients through compelling identity solutions and marketing services including:

  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Email Campaigns
  • Cross Marketing
  • Advertising & Media Placement
  • Internet Traffic Building Search Engine Optimization

We expand on our marketing services even further with the help of our professional design team. Our award-winning designers are focused on delivering a consistent message to capitalize and build your brand.

Now you can begin to see the power to improve your business that Circa Design solutions can provide.


Circa Design Company - Technology Services

Each customer has their own unique needs for data use and workflow within their corporate web site and/or intranet. We can analyze your needs and present recommendations to address where we can be most useful.


We maximize productivity and minimize cost through the intelligent use of technology and software development, including:


Outsourcing the development of a solution can save you time and money. The programming staff at Circa Design Company can customize and create a solution tailored to meet your exact specifications.

Exio Medical Report Management
EasySite Manager Web Site Content Management


For more information visit: Content Management Solutions
To contact us go to: Circa Design Company Contact Us
For Medical Document Management Solutions visit: Medical Report Management Solutions using Exio Technology

Medical Report Management Solutions using Exio Technology

Medical Document Management Solutions using Exio Technology

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