EasySite Manager
    Keep your web site up-to-date with EasySite Manager by easily creating, updating and publishing the changes yourself. No special knowledge, HTML editing experience, or expensive web developers are needed.  
EasySite Manager

Product Overview

Browse, Edit, Publish
This three step process allows you to browse to a page in your site through EasySite Manager, update text and images/add new pages, and publish content to your website without the need of a professional web developer.
Preserve Site Design
Ensure the look and feel of your web site while managing your content. EasySite Managers designated content area allows free form editing without compromising the look and feel of your web site.
Quickly add, update, delete or rank your navigation items to fit your needs. The dynamic drop out menu feature allows unlimited menuís that simplifies the organization of your web site an drives end users to the right information with fewer mouse clicks.
Upload and publish Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Text, HTML, PDF (Portable Document Format), and Image files on your website. Day to day communications, white papers, marketing materials and much more, can now be delivered to your web site.
EasySite Manager does not limit your web site design choices and can be used to manage sites that utilize flash animations, database driven pages (active server pages), on-line catalogs, password protection, authentication and much more.
Gain 24/7 access to manage your web site no matter where it is hosted! EasySite Manager is a browser based application service, all you need is a Windows based computer running the Windows 98 operating system or newer, Internet Explorer browser version 5.0 or later, and an Internet connection, we do all the rest.
Automatic Upgrades
Because EasySite Manager is a web site management service that is delivered via the Internet, as new enhancements are added you will receive them automatically.  No software installation to perform, no software configuration to worry about, no downloads to deal with.  It's Just Easy!
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